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A seed, some as large as a coconut, others as small as a mustard seed. They grow into plants much larger than the seeds themselves. A mustard seed doesn't grow into a coconut. It all works out as planned. The most important thing in life is the world that God made us. I don't understand how he made it work, but I'm so glad he did.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The ice storm is coming, the ice storm is coming!!!!

Well, ain't life a pip? After salivating for days the meteorologists are finally getting the ice they have been praying for. Sleet has been coming down here in Oklahoma City for about three hours now and the roads are getting iffy. I went and picked Kathy up early, took my mom some groceries so she won't starve and hit Blockbuster for a couple of movies. And yes as a matter of fact, I did pick up "Johnny Dangerously", it is, after all, the best Michael Keaton movie ever made. Kathy has never seen it and since we are stranded at the house until the spring thaw (which I figure will happen Sunday or Monday, but it may be tomorrow) I'm going to make her watch it with me. "Ya shouldn't oughta hang me on a hook, Johnny. My dad hung me on a hook once....Once!" That's for Jim. Even if nobody else gets it, I know he will.

Have you ever noticed how wives can get you on trouble very easily? I have been in the application process at OSU Stillwater for a couple of weeks. Since classes didn't start til the 22nd, I figured I had plenty of time to get everything straightened out. Well, classes start the 22nd at OSU/OKC anyway. In Stillwater they started the eighth. Needless to say, I didn't leave myself enough time. So Kathy says, "Go over to Rose State and look into taking that chem class you need to graduate from OSU/OKC and at least maybe you'll get a couple of credits in this semester." So over to Rose I go and ask the lady in the prospective students office for a catalog and schedule and she asked if I had applied and I said no and she suggested that I apply and enroll that day so I could get the classes I wanted and so I did and so now I am a student at Rose State. Well, it was necessary, I guess. That is the only school in OKC that I have not gone to. I got Kathy back, tho. I'm also taking Financial and Managerial Accounting (no, I don't know why that is a required course for Public Horticulture) and guess who my tutor is going to be! Ha! That'll fix her!

Well, my son-in-law, D'Artagnon asked for the link to this thing and I sent it to him. I probably should go through my old posts and see if I've said anything bad about him and delete it..... Naw, usually the meanest thing I say about him is making fun of his name and I do that to his face. He's the one I like. I don't really get along with my family all that well. We are avoiders. If it seems like it is going to be a problem, we avoid it until it is easier to just not go around each other rather than fix the problem. Yeah, like I've said before, we put the dis in dysfunctional.

This is D'Art. I'm trying to get him to let me take a serious picture of him and he always wants to make a goofy face, (no he isn't just goofy, well, yeah, he kinda is) so now that he is going to read this thing I'm going to post all the silly pictures of him until he'll let me get a good one.

Nothing else is really happening, so I'll close this out. All of you, find one person that really needs to be loved and do something nice for them. it will amaze you how good it will make them and you feel. Unless they are paranoid, at which point they'll start going crazy about what you're really up to. And let's face it, that's fun too.

God bless. Wayne


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